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BioSpectrum attended HPCi India
Date : 2017-02-20
Name : BioSpectrum
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BioSpectrum attended HPCi India

BioSpectrum attended HPCi exhibition 2016 held in Mumbai, India this year and introduced their upgraded ongoing
products and newly developed products. From the exhibition, BioSpectrum enlarged their knowledge on Indian
skincare market and obtained information for exporting strategy by having many meetings with the officials from
corporate demands in India. HPCi is the largest exhibition for cosmetic ingredient industry in India, thus most of
the arbiters of Indian cosmetic market attend this exhibition and share the information. Furthermore, many seminars
and conferences held during the exhibition provide the opportunities to learn about the new active ingredients and
the market trends. Since well-being has high-profile in India recently, BioSpectrum got many inquiries in eco-friendly
natural products from many visitors.

In this exhibition, BioSpetrum promoted K-Oleo, BSASM, and BioDTox in priority. Newly launched K-Oleo is the mixture
of five active ingredients for haircare and its efficacy on improving the hair strength and shining is confirmed by clinical
demonstration. Clinically proved antioxidant product BioDTox is specialized for detoxification of the pollutant-exposed
skin and thus received many responses from the visitors looking for the anti-pollution products. BioSpectrum’s steady
seller, BSASM, again received many attention of the visitors. Since BSASM records constantly increasing sales performance
for many years, it is expected that the successful generation of the profit of BSASM in cosmetics market of India.
In addition to those products, total 10 of the products were promoted during the exhibition include, Akebisol for
anti-aging, RedSnow for anti-pollution, and HodVital for whitening.

As well as the customers from India, BioSpectrum also had many meeting with the customers from surrounding countries.
BioSpectrum will visit the customers again in next year’s HPCi exhibition with the upgraded booth based on the lesson
from HPCi 2016.

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